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Sha’ashua Performance Labs
Funded by Arts Council England

What is Sha’ashua?

Sha’ashua is Hebrew and it means divine play or the play of creation. In Sha’ashua we play to explore and illuminate the depths of our being. Our play does not revolve around what is commonly known as ‘improvisation’ but rather it takes us on a journey to the threshold between performance and ritual ... a journey on which we may awaken to the collective roots of our individual nature. Who are we really? And why are we here? Sha’ashua invites us to explore such questions, to look deeper into ourselves and to grow … as performers and as human beings.

Ask yourself…

Are you an artist with a passion for self-exploration?
Would you like to be more in touch with your inner impulses?  
Are you interested in exploring the psychology of performance?
Are you intrigued by the idea of theatre as ritual?
Do you believe that creative expression fosters well-being and growth?
Then this work may be for you.


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